VelaShow Regatta

To honor the sailboats participating and present at the event, in 2023, the 3rd VelaShow Regatta is confirmed. The regatta symbolizes a great fraternization, bringing together sailors and also those who are new to ocean sailing competitions.

VelaShow is much more than a fair with exhibitors, it is an event for all sailors, which has as one of its objectives to stimulate the practice of the sport of sailing and it is essential to contemplate sailors of all levels, from beginners to those more experienced. . The last edition of the VelaShow Regatta, held in 2022, brought together almost 100 vessels, with the victory of the captain and Olympic medalist, Lars Grael. 46 ocean sailing vessels with the VPRS, BRA-RGS and Cruzeiro classes participated. In addition, more than 40 single-type boats participated in the SailShow Regatta, Wing Foil, Wind Foil, Plank with Tailboard, Plank without Tailboard and Dingue classes.